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PR Project (the former sd&m band)

One of my hobbies used to be the Capgemini-sd&m-Band "PR Project". This band only gave concerts sporadically, typically once a year, but has disbanded in 2013.

image from Rock im Hof Show in 2006

The members of the band were

  • Andreas Beck [drums] (2004-2013),

  • Christian Basler [bass] (2000-2013),

  • Christian Schumacher [voc] (2000-2013),

  • Dr. Martina Beck [voc] (2001-2013),

  • Michael Bruggmoser [keyb, fl, harm, sax] (2000-2013),

  • T.T. [guitar] (2000-2013),

  • Margret Geiger [voc] (2004-2011),

  • Peter Berger [drums] (2000-2004), and

  • Emma Strinning [voc] (2001-2004).

Here are some pictures and videos from